Which Drip Is Best For Your Needs?

Deciding which drip you want can be difficult, especially if you haven’t reviewed all of the options that are available. We’ve provided a description of each of our drips to make the process of choosing a drip easier for your visit! 

Hydrate Basic and First-Time Drip

The Hydrate Basic and First Time Drip are the foundation for all our drips and a great way to begin your journey with Hydrate Medical. Containing 1 liter of IV fluid and 1 Booster (anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea or antacid), the Hydrate Basic provides enough hydration to re-energize you for the day. Our First Time Drip is just half the cost of a regular drip and is perfect for those new to IV drip therapy. It contains B12, B Complex, Glutathione, and 1 Booster in addition to the standard liter of IV fluid. 

Hydrate Athlete

Athletic training for a big event pushes your body and muscles to the edge. If you’re feeling sore and dehydrated after training or competing, this drip will help you recover quickly and perform your best. In addition to 1 to 2 liters of IV fluids, the Hydrate Athlete contains Super B, Vitamin C, B12, Glutathione, amino acids, and minerals, all of which contribute to maintaining a healthy body. 

Hydrate Beauty

This is a favorite among those who want to look and feel their best, especially in their bare skin. Filled with antioxidants and high dose glutathione, this drip can improve skin health and complexion. The Hydrate Beauty includes 1 liter of IV fluids, a high does of Glutathione, amino acids, antioxidants, and minerals. Try this out if you’re looking for a detoxifying, beautifying treatment!

Hydrate Hangover and Epic Hangover

These drips are perfect for before or after a long night out. The vitamins and booster in the Hydrate Hangover improve energy, cellular function, and recovery. Even better, the Epic Hangover drip upgrades the regular Hangover drip to include all three boosters, which treat nausea, headache, and heartburn. Not only does the Hydrate Epic Hangover include 1-2 Liters of IV Fluid, Super B, Vitamin C, B12, Glutathione, Antioxidants, Minerals, and the 3 Boosters, you also receive 30 minutes of Oxygen Therapy to instigate cellular function.

Hydrate Jet Lag

Travelers, are you fatigued from the stress of travel life? Take a vacation from your vacation with our Hydrate Jet Lag drip. You’ll recover from dehydration and fatigue with this recovery boosting, re-energizing treatment with a double dose of B-12. The Hydrate Jet Lag includes 1 liter of IV fluids, Super B, Vitamin C, B12, Glutathione, and Antioxidants. Try this before or after a long vacation! 

Myers Cocktail

This is your feel-good drip, especially if you’re a little down or sick. Used to treat a wide variety of conditions from chronic fatigue to migraine headaches, the Myers Cocktail improves energy and cellular function and recovery. Its ingredients include 250mL of IV fluids, Super B, Vitamin C, B12, Magnesium, and Calcium. 

Hydrate Wellness/Immune Boosting and Hydrate Super Immune Boost

Our Wellness/Immune Boosting drip is packed with Vitamin C and zinc to keep those annoying colds away. If you want to reinforce your immunity to the max, try our Hydrate Super Immune Boost, which includes Super B, a double dose of Vitamin C, a double dose of Zinc, amino acids, and 1 Booster as needed.

Still curious which drip is best for your needs? Our expert staff can help guide you in the right direction. Visit our website to book the drip of your choice today.

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