5 Ways to Stay Hydrated While Traveling

As the holiday season approaches, many people will travel for upcoming festivities! The key to staying hydrated while traveling is maintaining a healthy water intake. For women, the recommended intake is 2.7 liters a day, and for men, it’s 3.7 liters, but this number can increase during your vacation because of the adjustment to a new environment. In addition to our wonderful and effective  IV hydration drips, we’re sharing a few ways to reach your hydration goals while traveling!

Smart Waterbottle

It’s hard to tell if you’re meeting your water intake goal on your own. That’s why we recommend the Smart Waterbottle as your most trusted travel companion during vacations. Not only does the water bottle keep track of your water intake, but it also glows at points of the day to remind you to drink water. That’s pretty neat, especially when you’re too busy having fun to remember to hydrate. If you don’t think the smart water bottle is the right fit, find another bottle that you  enjoy. Maybe it has a straw, or it keeps water cold for longer. One of our other personal favorites is the Stanley 40 oz. Quencher, which has a cult following and is made perfectly for travel! Once you find your match, drinking water becomes less daunting and you’re more likely to refill it throughout the day.

Eat the Right Foods

Instead of drinking water on its own, spice things up a little! Chia seeds, fruit, and rice tend to absorb and hold water for long periods of time. Keeping some with you or seeking them out during travel is another great way to stay hydrated. Obviously, you still need to drink tons of water, but these foods can compensate for the extra dehydration that sometimes occurs on vacation. Be careful, though. Water-rich foods like berries and cucumbers can make you sick during travel, so stick with foods like bananas, avocados, and pineapples which are safer to eat in countries without filtered tap water and contain a lot of potassium. 

Hydrate Before Partying

This one is important because it’s the most common mistake people make when traveling. Before letting loose for the rest of the night, make sure you drink lots of water. Alcohol causes renal fluids to leave your body faster than other fluids, making it a primary cause of dehydration. If you don’t hydrate before or after ingesting alcohol, you have a higher chance of feeling lightheaded and dizzy, among other effects of dehydration. 


If you don’t already moisturize, now’s the time to start! Keeping your skin hydrated while you travel is just as important as keeping the inside of your body hydrated. We recommend your standard lotion plus sunscreen with SPF over 30. Ideally, you should moisturize your entire body, but the most important places are the skin exposed to the sun, especially your hands and face. Don’t forget about lip balm! Applying a thick coat to your lips frequently throughout the day helps.

Hydrate Your Eyes and Nose

Hydrating your sinuses is extremely important for those with contact lenses and allergies. In general, keep a travel-sized bottle of eyedrops and nasal spray handy. Heat and low humidity are causes of dryness in your sinuses, so if your daytime activities involve outdoor excursions, have some nasal spray and eyedrops handy!

Of course, we couldn’t make a list of hydration techniques without including our very own IV drips. The Hydrate Wellness/Immune Boost and Super Immune Boost drips are perfect protection against disease while you’re traveling. We even have a drip made just for travel! The Hydrate Jet Lag rehydrates and reenergizes with plenty of Vitamin C, Glutathione, and B12. Want to learn more about which IV hydration drip is best for you? Visit our website to book the drip of your choice today.

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