What Is Glutathione and How Can It Help You?


What is Glutathione?

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant found in every cell in the body. It has recently gained a lot of popularity as people have found several advantages. It is made up of amino acids and has many important functions in your body, including making DNA, regenerating Vitamin C and E, helping the liver and gallbladder deal with fats, and more. Researchers have found correlations between low levels of Glutathione and diseases.


How Can It Help You?

Glutathione has detoxifying properties that allow it to treat these diseases, clear skin, and prevent aging. The first way that Glutathione can help is by counteracting free radicals in your body which contribute to aging and some diseases. For example, Glutathione research found that it reduces cell damage in liver disease, such as hepatitis, alcohol abuse, and fatty liver disease.  Also, due to glutathione’s ability to help with clearing skin, there is a recent trend in putting it in skin care products. Lastly, it can help in the prevention of Type 2 diabetes. Research has shown a link between people with insulin resistance and low Glutathione levels. 


As you can see, Glutathione has gained a lot of traction in preventing diseases, improving skincare, and more. Its prevalence throughout the body makes it a safe and essential antioxidant to boost your health. That is why Hydrate Medical offers several  IV drips with Glutathione.


Which IV Drips Include Glutathione?

Our Hangover Drip, Epic Hangover Drip,  Jet Lag Drip, Athlete Drip, and First Time Drip all include Glutathione. Our Hydrate Beauty Drip also includes Glutathione in a much higher dose than the other drips listed and is highly recommended to help with skin complexion and is a wonderful way to detoxify. 

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